Boutique Hotels in Thailand

It's no surprise that flights from heathrow to bangkok are some of the most searched for on the Internet. Thailand is one of the world's most exotic and exciting destinations, and a trip to this small Asian country is a memorable experience. The country's capital, Bangkok, is famous for its temples, shopping, floating markets and nightlife, and combines modern skyscrapers and shopping malls with centuries old traditions and customs. The city makes a convenient jumping off point for exploring the rest of this beautiful country.

Chain Or Boutique Hotel?

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, one of your first steps is finding the right place to stay. Some of the best hotels in the world can be found here, although prices at five star properties are generally less than in Europe or North America. So called boutique hotels have become increasingly popular in Bangkok and now compete with the well known chain names. They offer a unique experience, with everything from the food to the dcor being distinctive or unusual, but at the same time offer all the amenities and features that you expect from a top hotel. Most have central locations, overlooking the river and within easy reach of the city's sights, although if you want to get off the beaten track, there are smaller hotels scattered throughout the city.

The Personal Touch

Chain hotels tend to be anonymous and many are also large, with several hundred rooms. Because a boutique hotel is smaller, it can give you the feeling of staying in a private home or even a palace, rather than a hotel. The staff at a 20 room hotel often know all the guests by name, something that doesn't always happen in a hotel with 300 rooms. Because they are smaller, they tend to be quieter, and the queues for dining or to check in are not as long. Of course, fewer rooms and fewer guests also often means more attentive and personal service. Some Bangkok boutique hotels have as few as 6 rooms, increasing the cosy feeling of intimacy even further.

A Unique Feel

For most travelers however, it is this feeling of staying somewhere different or unusual that makes a boutique hotel preferable to the large chains. Bangkok has several boutique hotels that make their most of their exotic location, and feature lavish and colorful furnishings and decorations. You can choose the them that suits you best at one of the city's boutique hotels the Muse Hotel has a vintage travel theme, with old maps and suitcases, while the Shanghai Mansion has a Chinese theme, as befitting its Chinatown location. Other smaller Bangkok hotels appeal to those looking for contemporary dcor or fine dining, and although Thailand was never colonized by a European country, some offer a distinctive Colonial theme.

Bangkok is undoubtedly one of the world's great travel destinations, and one of the best ways to experience the sights and sounds of this fascinating city is by staying at one of the many smaller, or boutique hotels.